Recipes to Cook with Kids in July

Want to get your kids into the kitchen this summer? Here is a big list of the perfect Recipes to Cook with Kids in July. Recipe focus on seasonal produce like blueberries, corn and zucchini. Plus, there’s a mix of baking, no-cook, sweet, and savory dishes to make together.

Recipes to Cook with Kids in July:

Baked Sheet Pan Pancakes: Yummy pancakes without standing at the stove! We love to decorate the top like an American flag for the 4th of July. However, kids can really add whatever they’d like on the top before baking. Fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles…anything goes!

Watermelon Star Wands: Perfect for the 4th of July but delicious anytime of the summer! Use a cookie cutter to punch out a star shaped watermelon piece then place it on a skewer with some blueberries. It’s a refreshing a fun snack that kids can make themselves. Picture courtesy of this website HERE. Also, simple fruit skewers are fun snack kids can make anytime of year. Just cut fruit into bite-sized pieces and let kids push them onto a stick.


Corn “Wheels” 4 Ways: Such a fun and yummy way for kids to enjoy summer corn! Our favorite is the Cheesy Pizza flavor with parmesan cheese and garlic powder. However, there are also 3 other flavor ideas in the full blog post. Cutting the corn into small “wheel” shapes makes the corn easy for kids to hold and eat.

Fruit “Fries” with Yogurt Dip: Using a crinkle cutter (like THIS one) makes eating fruit 100 times more fun! Originally, I had a video go viral (Watermelon Fries with Strawberry Yogurt Dip), but you can make “fries” out of lots of different fruit. Pineapple, cantaloupe, and honey dew melon work great too. Make a simple dip out of Greek yogurt sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Or for a more sweet treat I love a “cheesecake dip”. Whip together  1 block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 to 1/2 cup powdered sugar.

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Bars: There are lots of yummy zucchini baked goods on my site, but these bars are one of the very best. These treats are lower in added sugar and naturally sweetened with banana and maple syrup. However, if you are cooking for toddlers or younger kids, you can omit some or all of the chocolate chips to reduce the added sugar even more.


S’mores Brownie Bites or S’mores Pudding Cups: S’mores is one of my favorite dessert flavors, especially for summer. The brownie bites are such a fun recipe for kids to make from my cookbook, Kid Kitchen. However, the recipe is also on my website (linked above) if you want to check it out. The pudding cups are made from a vegan chocolate pudding that’s super easy to whip up. Top it with some toasted marshmallows for a fun treat or leave the cups plain and store in the fridge for a protein-rich snack.

Healthy Homemade Jello: 2, simple ingredients…that’s all it takes to make this super kid-friendly sweet treat! Healthy Homemade “Jello” is so fun to make this kids. Use whatever juice you like and either gelatin or agar agar (for a vegetarian version), mix together, then allow to set in the fridge for a few hours. Once set, use cookie cutters to make shapes or layer in a dish and top with whipped cream. It’s such a nostalgic, yummy treat to make together!

Cottage Cheese Blueberry Muffins: Blueberry season means you have to make muffins! These muffins have been super popular and you can’t tell they have cottage cheese in them. They are a hit with toddlers, kids, and grown-ups alike. Made with whole wheat flour and naturally sweetened, these are a baked good you can feel good about serving any time of day. They happen to be egg-free too.


No-Bake Train Mix Cups: A healthier granola bar alternative that you can make at home! These No-bake Trail Mix Cups are super easy to customize with whatever ingredients you have on hand. Crushed pretzels, cereal, chopped nuts, seeds, dried fruit…it all gets coated in your choice of nut/seed butter and a little sweet honey to stick all the yumminess together. Get the kiddos into the kitchen to help stir it all up and press it into muffin cups. These snack cups are seriously addictive!

Rainbow Noodle Bowls: Such a delicious warm-weather dinner! Soak some rice noodles in hot water then lay out whatever fresh veggies you have on hand. Everyone can top their own bowl however they’d like! Add some roasted tofu (recipe in the post) or any protein you like, such as grilled chicken or a fried egg. There’s also a super yummy peanut sauce recipe, but you can totally buy one as a shortcut.


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