Fun and Healthy Holiday Bagels

Kids will love to make and eat bagels topped with nutritious options like fresh fruits, veggies, and protein-rich spreads. These Fun and Healthy Holiday Bagels are a great way to get kids into the kitchen. Create these adorable bagels together as a festive snack or breakfast.

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Kids in the Kitchen: Fun and Healthy Holiday Bagels

  • I did a video tutorial on how to make these bagels so it would be a great thing to watch with you child. Check it out HERE and talk about which bagels you want to make and how you’d like to copy or change up the ingredients I used to make mine.
  • Prep the ingredients: wash and dry the fruit/veggies, mash the avocado, toast the bagel…these are all things that kids can help with before assembling the bagels.
  • Decorate and enjoy: set the ingredients out and let your child top the bagels. Don’t worry about them being like the picture, concentrate on having fun together.

Fun and Healthy Holiday Bagels

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 2 servings (per bagel)


Snowman Bagel

  • 1 plain bagel, sliced in half and toasted
  • 2 to 3 Tbsp cream cheese or dairy-free cream cheese
  • blueberries
  • 1 small peeled carrot or baby carrot
  • 1/2 apple

Wreath Bagel

  • 1 everything or plain bagel, sliced in half and toasted
  • 1/2 avocado
  • lime or lemon juice
  • salt
  • 2 Tbsp baby spinach, sliced thin
  • 1/2 red bell pepper

Rudolph Bagel

  • 1 cinnamon raisin or plain bagel, sliced in half and toasted
  • 2 Tbsp peanut butter or any nut or seed butter
  • 4 small pretzels
  • 2 raspberries
  • 4 chocolate chips or candy eyes


Snowman Bagel

  • Spread each bagel half with cream cheese. Cut apple into two shapes: one longer, thinner rectangle and one larger rectangle for the top of the hat (see pictures for reference). Place apple hat at the top of the bagel, then place blueberries on as eyes and a smile. Place carrot in the center as the nose.

Wreath Bagel

  • Mash the avocado with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and a pinch of salt. Spread mashed avocado onto each bagel half. Sprinkle with spinach, if desired. Cut the bell pepper into a bow shape: 2 triangles, a small circle or square, and 2 longer, thin rectangles (see pictures for reference). Place red pepper bow at the bottom of the bagel. (The avocado will begin to brown after 5 to 10 minutes, so this bagel is best if eaten right away.)

Rudolph Bagel

  • Spread each bagel half with peanut butter (or any nut or seed butter). Place pretzels at the top of the bagel as antlers. Place the chocolate chips as eyes and the raspberry in the center as the nose.
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