75 Best Recipes to Cook with Kids

I’ve been cooking with kids in professionally and at home for over 12 year now. When cooking with kids, recipes need to be easy, nutritious, and fun. Baking is always a win but don’t forget about savory main course like pasta and soup too. Cooking is such a great way to introduce kids to new foods and make fruits and veggies more enticing. Here is a list of over 75 Best Recipes to Cook with Kids from my blog and a few other sites I trust. Happy cooking!

Criteria for the Best Recipes to Cook with Kids:

  • EASY: Quick to execute and short ingredient list. Kids’ attention spans are short, which is completely normal. If you are struggling to have your child make a recipe from start to finish, it is totally ok to just invite your child to just help with one step. Any cooking is a positive and, with practice, kids will want to cook for longer and longer periods of time. Also, adults need practice to make cooking with kids easier. So just keep trying!
  • NUTRITIOUS: I’m not saying baking up some traditional sugar cookies or brownies from a box is a bad thing. Any cooking with your kids is quality time spent together and much more. However, getting kids into the kitchen is one of the best way you can expose them to new ingredients and lots of fruits and vegetables. I believe, cooking with kids is the best way to show them that healthy food can be fun and delicious! So all the recipes in this list are made from wholesome ingredients and usually include fruits or veggies too.
  • FUN: Mashing, chopping (but not too much), mixing, dumping, using various tools…all excited and novel for kids! To keep them interested, we need to find ways to give them hands-on learning in the kitchen. They definitely don’t just want to watch! It’s ok if you lose your patience or get annoyed with the mess sometimes. I cooking with kids for a living and I lose my patients with my own kids all the time. I just try my best to keep a positive attitude and have fun. Make clean up part of the teaching process. Your kids will thank you for it…someday. 😉


When I poll parents and kids about their favorite recipes to make together muffins are always at the top of the list. And I totally understand why: they are delicious, super kid-friendly, easy to pack with nutritious ingredients, and quick to make. Here are some of my essential muffin recipes to cook with kids as well as some awesome muffins from other foodie mama blogs.

Easy Snacks

These are super simple recipes for nutritious snacks that kids can help make. If you want more interactive snack ideas be sure to get my FREE ebook, Easy Snacktivities. The guide contains 8 snack recipes to get kids excited about healthy ingredients. Some of the snacks included: Pink Piggie Smoothie Bowls, DIY Banana on a Stick, Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Skewers, and Polar Bear Bagels. Some other great snack recipes from other sites:


Have a kiddo that’s crazy about spaghetti, noodles, or Mac and cheese? Get into the kitchen and make some together!


Quick and simple, smoothies are a great activity for the youngest little helpers or when you are short on time. My favorite smoothie recipes for kids involve some chopping or prepping of fruits and veggies. Although everything is going to be blended, take a little extra time to let you child slice a banana or chop up an apple. It’s great practice and gives them even more positive exposure to the foods.


What kiddo wouldn’t jump at the chance to make cookies? Here are some healthier options that combine wholesome ingredients and fun in the kitchen. Here are some of the best recipes to cook with kids:


We love to bake with kids, but don’t forget to get kids involved in cooking meals too! Making soup together provides lots of opportunity to practice knife skills and learn to like lots of new foods.

Pancakes, Waffles, and other Breakfast Items

So many fun breakfast recipes to cook with kids. Don’t just make them for mornings either…breakfast for dinner or lunch is always a great idea!


Pizza is definitely a kid-favorite and there are so many easy ways to make it at home! Have kids help prep some veggie toppings that adults may enjoy even if the kids prefer to leave them off their own pizzas. Chopping peppers or slicing mushrooms helps them learn to eat them in the future.

Desserts and No-Bake Treats

So many great sweet recipes to make with kids that also use wholesome, nourishing ingredients! Kids get excited to make desserts so making something sweet is a great way to spend quality time in the kitchen together. Here are some of the best recipes to cook with kids:

Share the fun!! Make something from this list? Send me a picture of your kiddo(s) in the kitchen either through email ([email protected]) or on Instagram or Facebook. I love to see what you’re cooking up! Plus, that way other parents can find the best recipes to cook with their kids too!

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